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About HCF

The Hispanic College Fund is the product of a dedicated group of Hispanic businessmen and women who were inspired to respond to the alarming growth in the number of talented Hispanic students who could not afford a college education. This call to action was precipitated by a compelling letter to the editor published in November 1990, in Hispanic Business magazine in which a student described his disillusionment in seeking financial aid from chief executive officers profiled in the magazine. Several concerned Hispanic CEOs who read the same letter responded by offering to help support the creation of the Hispanic College Fund.

In 1994 the Hispanic College Fund awarded $30,000 in scholarships to 14 Hispanic students on the business career track.  Since then the HCF Scholars program has expanded to awarding over $2 million every year to over 600 students, demonstrating financial need and  pursuing degrees in business, science, engineering, technology and math. 

With a passionate, energetic staff, extensive networks and dozens of partners the Hispanic College Fund has been able to expand on our scholarship program to provide more than just college funding to students. Since 2003 the Hispanic College Fund has developed highly effective college and career access programs for both high school and undergraduate students, including the rapidly expanding Hispanic Youth Symposia.

The Hispanic College Fund’s mission is to educate and develop the next generation of Hispanic professionals. We accomplish our mission by providing students with vision, resources, tools, and mentors through our programs which include the HCF Scholars Program, the Hispanic Youth Symposia, Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) and the Hispanic Young Professionals Program. Our programs focus on developing Latino youth who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in business, science, engineering, technology and math.

Our model provides a direct pathway from high school to college, from college to career, and career to giving back.

The HCF Model

Board of Trustees